#6: 6th sense

We built a table!

Last weekend I was hanging out with my girlfriend, and she found [a simple how-to article]() for a table that would go behind our couch! We’ve ben wanting one for a while, but we weren’t able to find out that we actually liked, so we decided to go ahead and make this one!

This was the first time I’d done a DIY project without access to my parent’s tools, so I also had to acquire tools! I ended up getting a cordless Ryobe power drill, and a hand saw along with a hand miter saw. I wanted a balance between power tools that I would use for a long time, and cheap tools so I didn’t spend $300 on tools I wouldn’t use for 6 more months.

But yeah, it was really great time using some hand tools to cut wood. I’m really grateful for all the great resources out there for how to use tools that I wasn’t familiar with.

If you want to see some pics, I posted some here.

Work In Progress

This week was the first week of Work In Progress! I’m really excited to join a new community and really kick-start the weekly project club again.

2020 Review

I don’t feel like writing that right now, so I won’t! See you net week!