Hi, I'm Sam Borick.

I’m a programmer living in Ohio. I’ve been working on mobile apps in various forms for the last seven years, but my interests have always been very broad. My current working tech stack is Capacitor, Vuejs, and Golang. My personal projects have ranged from 3D printing with recycled materials, helping people learn to code to a plain text todo list app.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about how I think, my articles are a great place to start.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email me at sam@borick.net

I’ve been fortunate to work at some very cool places.


My experience at HungerPerks taught me a lot about the restaurant industry and the software they use. Onosys is a leader in online ordering for restaurants.

My largest contributions there have been revamping the mobile app pipeline to allow for faster development, and leading the effort to improve the menu management experience for operators.


Pepware is my software consulting company. At Pepware I’ve worked on a lot of interesting projects. From startup mentoring, to mobile apps that help people escape addiction.


I founded HungerPerks in college. The idea was to help restaurants understand their customers by offering great coupons.

There I spent a summer building an entire enterprise software suite; mobile apps, web management portal, and backend. None of which I knew how to do in the spring.

We raised seed funding through The Bit Factory (now Bounce Innovation Hub), and won several pitch competitions.