#5: Looking back at 2020

It’s that time of the year again! Time for everyone with a blog to write a 2020 Retrospective! Rules are rules, so this is mine.

Since time is an illusion, I won’t be breaking down my year into objective units of time (months), but subjective units of time!

Pre March

At the turn of 2020 I was feeling, in retrospect, very ambitious!

I was a brand new member of 30x500 and really excited to create a product all my own.

March - November

Around this time lockdowns began in my region.

My employer went fully remote, so I found myself with a few extra hours in the day.

Initially my goal was to take advantage of the extra time to work on my product.

But a few weeks into lockdown it became really apparent that expecting more of myself during a pandemic was not at all a reasonable expectation.

So I took a step back from trying to build a product to just trying to make it though the day.

I have some more thoughts about 2020 but I’m taking a slightly different approach to weeknotes this year, so

To Be Continued Next Week!