#4: Doin' some stuff

What are you talking about, I didn’t skip weeknotes last week. That didn’t happen.


I spent way too much time on Saturday struggling with convertkit. So far, I’ll say convertkit is awesome at what it does, but there’s a couple of things that I wish it would do better.

For the Weekly Project Club, I like to send a reoccurring reminder email, and that’s not something that convertkit can handle. It looks like I’ll have to find another service that can send those reminders, or just do away with them entirely. Now that I’m writing it out, I’m going to ditch them.

Doin some business stuff

After about 6 months of not spending may energy on making products. I finally feel like I’m back in the saddle!

Doin some podcast stuff!

My girlfriend and I were inspired by someone on Twitter, as we as a few YouTube videos to start a podcast!

As of right this second it’s not out yet, but it’s called Couples Content and it’ll be about the content were watching!

We’re using Descript to record and edit, and it’s been really fun so far. I’m hoping that this will lead to some more cool audio and video content!